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In my last blog post I covered some essentials for your web sites customer service. We have had a few people calling and asking more about rewarding customers so here are a few ideas to think through.

  • It cost less to attract repeat customers to your site
  • Repeat customers make larger purchases
  • Repeat customers spread the word and refer more new customers


So how do you retain your customers?
There are a few tried and tested ways listed below, however the most important to remember is to offer a good online customer service or they won’t come back.

1. Discount codes
Don’t just offer discounts to new customers send promotional discount codes out to previous customers. For example ‘get 10% off when you spend more than £30 before the 1st May 09’. This can be sent out in a targeted email or newsletter and can expire after it has been used once or why not let them used it again and again (and even send it to there friends). You could even send them a code they can pass on to their friends.

2. Loyalty cards
Why do I always go to Caffe Nero instead of the coffee shop 2 doors away? Firstly Caffe Nero has a faster and friendly service and secondly my 10th coffee is free. A simple stamp on a card each time I purchase a coffee keeps me loyal to them. The same principle can be applied online with your ecommerce shop; with your 10th purchase you get a £5 off voucher, free P&P or a free gift.

3. Keep customer details
Make it as easy as possible for people to buy again and again by storing there billing and delivery details so they can just sign in and don’t need to re-enter everything. This speeds up the process and also gives you an address to post your yearly brochure and printed offers to.

4. Keep your product range fresh
If you only sell 10 items and they never change your repeat business will be limited. By adding new products, updates and accessory items this keeps your range fresh and new this will encourage more sales.

5. Analyze data
If I go to Amazon they always show me new items based on my purchase history compared with other customers that have purchased the same items as me. Making it easy for customers to find products they maybe interested in is a great selling tool. Why not email a newsletter based on this personalised data too?

If it costs less to attract repeat customers and they spend more then your profit margin is higher. So reminded your customers you are there with newsletters, promotional offers, blogs, podcasts and catalogues and see your online sales increase.

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