How do you make car insurance interesting?

Simples’ introducing Alexandr Orlov, the Meerkat from Moscow, who is put out by all these people visiting his website looking for cheaper car insurance, Like he says in his advert ‘I can not give you cheaper car insurance, you want‘ (already you say this in a Russian accent).

I find this advert brilliant, not only does it make me laugh but what a great marketing campaign, the marketing firm that came up with Market sounds like Meerkat, must have had there ready break that day, but there’s more, if you have a television advert you need to back it up with a fully functioning website, with all links and emphasis homing back to compare the, Done.

Oh were not done yet, there’s more, they have now moved into the ever evolving social networking scene appearing on facebook and twitter as I am a fan of both networks, it makes sense to fuel this marketing campaign and become a follower. Below is a post on facebook that made me laugh and just adds to popularity of this iconic character.

Aleksandr Orlov – Founder of Compare the Meerkat I have appear in Televised British Broadcasting Brainstorm for UK Red Nose Day.

I join in over a satellite link-up, but unfortunately I spill a diet soda cola on the connector cables and there was small fire.

Watch his debut on red nose day here

So to answer the question as to how to make car insurance interesting, create a massive marketing campaign that takes the emphasis away from the dull subject, yet has everything to do with it. Simples’

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