Make sure your visitors are safe when using your website

Protect your visitors with online security

Protect your visitors with online security

When using websites people are often required to provide sensitive information including name, address, telephone number, email address, and more importantly, bank details. Processing this kind of information securely is extremely important for not only it is a legal requirement but also to help encouraging people using or buying from it.

There were several ways to protect your customers’ information from hackers:

Using SSL

When people fill in and submit forms on a website, by default, data are packaged and transferred without being encrypted between the local computers and the server where the website is hosted. If someone (more likely a hacker) gets those data packages in purpose every piece of data can be retrieved easily.

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate can encrypt data that are transferred between a website and its users’ local computers or mobile devices. With an SSL certificate applied even data packages are captured they are still ‘meaningless’ to hackers. It has been approved that an Extended Validation (EV) SSL protected data transaction, in theory, can never be cracked.

In addition, when browsing an SSL protected website visitors are told that the website is secure by displaying a little lock cymbal by the address bar on most popular browsers including IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. This is another good reason of using SSL as it distinguishes safe websites from those unsafe ones to web users in a very obvious way.

Encrypt passwords and bank details

In addition to being transferred between servers and local devices, visitors’ data are often stored in databases for future uses, e.g. order or enquiry processing, customer profile management, etc. However is your database 100% secure?

For obvious reasons it has been a legal requirement that bank card details must be encrypted if a website or application stores them in any forms of databases. Also it is always a good practice to store your users’ passwords as encrypted instead of clear text. As many web users use the same password on different web applications, if unfortunately your database is accessed by hackers your users shopping and email accounts on other websites are still safe.

Using professional web design

Tell your visitors that your website is secure in an obvious way can greatly encourage them to stay and custom. A professionally designed website can also make its visitors feel confident that using it will be a good experience without tricks and hassles. The Flare design team also has great experience and is expertise in designing professional looking websites for our clients.

With years of experience in dealing with clients’ data securely and professionally, Flare has full confident in providing our clients the safest web-based CMS and e-commerce solutions. Flare’s Pulse CMS and Pulse Shop systems can fully work with SSL certificates and encrypt all user passwords and bank details during online transaction. Contact us now for more details and our friendly team is always there to help you.

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